Your Fool-Proof Guide to Skiing Strong this Winter

Heading out to the snow? We’ve got the tips, tricks and pre-trip training sessions you need to make sure you don’t get left with a face full of powder on the slopes this season…

 Ski Strong This Season | Neat Nutrition. 


Skiing strong starts with your training programme during the off-season. The most efficient ski-specific training? Plyometrics. By using maximum force during short intervals of time, you’ll improve your power, explosiveness and overall strength too. And don’t forget about your core - a strong base and good balance is key for getting more out of your skiing performance. 

Need some inspiration? Here’s a playlist of ski workouts with the US ski team to get you started.


Practice Makes Perfect

You might not need a plane ticket to practice your skills on the slopes. With a whole host of indoor snow centres opening across the UK, it’s an ideal way to get back into the groove and perfect your technique before a big trip. If you can’t make it out to a snow centre before you go, book into a lesson on your first day in the mountains to dust off those cobwebs, nobody wants to break a limb on the first day after all…


Be Careful on The Lunchtime Beers

This tip isn’t going to win us any popularity prizes, but hitting the booze too heavily at lunchtime isn’t going to do any favours for your technique. Take it easy so you can keep up with the pack when heading off for the afternoon… you’ll be the one laughing when the proper après ski begins.


Muscle Soreness

When you throw yourself back into long, back to back days of skiing once or twice a year, muscle soreness is inevitable. When you need to reduce DOMS, fast, refueling is crucial (more on that below), but so proper recovery work. Foam rolling or stretching is a daily non-negotiable, and we’d also recommend packing a Deep Heat spray or roll on to soothe any particularly sore muscles.


Fuelling on The Slopes

Refueling properly is key for keeping your energy levels high and helping your muscles to repair and recover day after day. Make sure you’re taking in plenty of protein, and carbs too – although we don’t think you’ll have too many issues with the latter in the land of bread and fondue! Luckily for you, our single-serve sachets have been specifically designed to be the perfect on-the-go refuel, whether you’re kicking back at your chalet or taking a pit stop on the edge of the mountain.

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