Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse

So you've tried using avocados to make a healthy chocolate mousse, but how about using sweet potato? Recipe Creator, Jordan Leitch, came up with the idea after eating a sweet potato brownie and tasting how fudgy and moist it was. The potato adds a thick creamy texture, a natural sweetness and a nice depth of flavour too. Blended with banana, chocolate and peanut butter to create the most indulgent breakfast or dessert ever... You would never know it has hidden vegetables in! 


Sweet Potato Protein Chocolate Mousse Recipe | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.  



Boil the sweet potato in a pan until soft. Drain and pour into a high speed blender with the banana, cacao powder, protein powder, maca, peanut butter, salt and cashew milk.

Blend on high until silky smooth. Taste to see if its dark enough and add more cacao if needed.

Scoop the mousse into a bowl. Top with the yoghurt, peanut butter, a small handful of frozen raspberries, a scattering of granola and nibs.


This recipe was written by Jordan Leitch, a healthy recipe creator from Sheffield. She likes to experiment with seasonal, fresh and unique flavour combinations and her favourite thing to do is recreate old classics! For more recipes, be sure to check out her Instagram and my blog where she posts two recipes a week. 

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