Things have changed round here...

Welcome! Things at Neat have changed since the link you’ve followed was live.

We’re now a subscription service, which means you get hassle free active nutrition!

Here's how it works...

Try a taster

If you haven’t yet tried Neat, you can get a started with a box of 4 single serve protein sachets of your choice, and a shaker.

Get Started - £9.95

Choose your blends, flavour & frequency

Pick whey protein, vegan protein, or both. Choose chocolate, vanilla, or both. Lastly, let us know if you want replenish box of 12 sachets delivered weekly, every two weeks or monthly.

Start now

Sit back and relax...

We got this.

Once you’ve made your choices, we’ll deliver. Our postable replenish boxes will land on your

doormat or at work, meaning no more missed parcel slips!


You can change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Everything is managed in your very own, personal account.

Skip Starter Box

If you're not a newbie to Neat, you may want to skip the Starter Box of 4 sachets and dive straight into the 12 serving Subscription. No worries! Dive straight in below!

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