Exclusive £2 Starter Box

Welcome to Neat Nutrition, your new protein subscription service.
You're probably here because you've redeemed an offer from our friends at VeryMe Rewards.

To claim your £2 Starter Box, all you need to do is click the button below,
and then follow the instructions as you proceed through the order process.

You'll be asked to select your preferred protein blend (Whey or Vegan, or a mix of the two!), 
and then choose your Ongoing Plan, including the delivery frequency.

Use your unique voucher code provided by VeryMe Rewards 
to claim your discount when you're at the checkout.

We'll do the rest.

You can change blends and flavours, as well as the delivery frequency
on your subscription whenever you like. 

Each voucher code will redeem one deal. 
New customers only. Your voucher will self-destruct 5th May 2019, so be quick!

  • Build your plan

    Choose your refill frequency, blend and flavour. Free delivery.

  • Use your discount

    Use your exclusive voucher code to redeem saving on your Protein Starter Box!

  • You're in control

    Change, skip or cancel your plan, at any time. No fuss.

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