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    Why Neat?

    Why Neat?

    We take things back to basics and keep it simple. Our protein powders are made with the best quality ingredients and we get rid of everything else.

    • All lifestyles: both whey and plant-based products.
    • Soy-free and contain no artificial flavours or colours.
    • We use Thaumatin; a high quality, natural sweetener sourced from the katemfe fruit.

    We don’t believe in making you pay more for your lifestyle choices. That’s why all our proteins are the same price for the same serving.

    •  We produce in the UK and sell directly to you, to keep our costs fair.
    • Superior quality protein that fits your needs, and your wallet.

    Our goal is to make your life easier, by offering bespoke protein subscription plans based on your own personal goals and needs. No big tubs, no fuss.

    • Fully customisable plans to fit your needs.
    • Change blend, frequency or flavours easily and cancel anytime.
    • Delivered direct to your door in handy single-use sachets, exactly when you need it.

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