10 Healthy Food Swaps For Winter

There's something about winter that always gets us craving comfort food, carbs and snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate... and that's before all the festive feasting begins! But eating well doesn't have to mean eating salads all winter long, and these simple swaps will help get you healthier whilst also satisfying your need for comfort food.

Winter Healthy Food Swaps | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.

Salads for Soups

There is nothing less appealing than a cold salad for lunch when you're frozen to the bone! We're swapping summer salads for soups to warm us up and get in this micro-nutrients. Need a protein-packed option that'll keep you fuller for longer? Check out our soup recipes, here.


Chips for Roasted Wedges 

Hot chips on a cold day - is there anything better? Try roasting your own wedges, using a mixture of white and sweet potato for a lighter take on the fried favourite. 


Smoothie Bowls For Porridge

Ice cream for breakfast might have been great in August, but brain-freezes don't go down kindly on a frosty morning! Pop a scoop of protein powder into a big bowl of oats and head back to bed for a super cosy breakfast. 


Cauliflower For Rice or Mash

We're certainly not carbaphobes here at Neat, but we do like bulking up our meals with some extra veggies when we're craving all of the carbs, all of the time. Try blitzing cauliflower in a food processor to add to your rice, or cook it up with potatoes to make a super creamy mash. 


Apple Crumble For Baked Apples

The colder weather got your sweet tooth going crazy? Try baking apples with a dash of cinnamon and maple syrup and topping with greek yogurt and granola for a seriously comforting way to finish the day. 


Swap Pies For Stews 

When those craving for some good old comfort food strike, instead of reaching for a pre-made pie, try cooking up a hearty stew packed full of plenty of veggies and pulses or meat. That's what we call a winter warming dinner! 


Pancakes For Protein Pancakes

A stack of pancakes is our favourite choice for Sunday brunch, and they're not hard to adapt using a few healthier ingredients. Our go-to recipe? Our easy, breezy protein pancakes - they're really as simple as the name suggests! 


Homemade Neat Latte For a Gingerbread Latte

Instead of spending all our pennies on those expensive, but oh so tempting gingerbread lattes, we like to make our own with a healthy Neat twist! Whether you're in the mood for a chai, pumpkin latte or even a peppermint hot choc, you can make one at home instead using one of our recipes on the blog. 


Greek Yogurt For Sour Cream

Winter usually has us turning up our noses at salads and light stir-fries, instead choosing to whip up fully loaded fajitas and spicy chillies!  Swap the sour cream for greek yogurt and pair with a homemade guac and a fresh salsa for a healthy Mexican feast. 


Mid-afternoon Biscuit For Protein Balls

Nothing beats a little afternoon treat with your cup of tea. We love whipping up a batch of protein balls on the weekend to keep at our desk, ready for that much needed afternoon pick-me-up! Need inspiration? Check out our recipes, here.

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