10 Reasons You Should Visit Scandinavia

Looking to escape reality on a weekend break? For anyone in need of a little travel inspiration, we’re here to help! There's actually a million and one reasons why you should visit Scandinavia, and it was quite the struggle to limit this list to just ten, but here’s why we think you should book that plane ticket to explore Norway, Sweden or Denmark… 

10 Reasons To Visit Scandinavia | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


For The Hygge Lifestyle

Whether it’s enjoying a candle-lit dinner with a good glass of red, savouring a bowl (yes, bowl) of coffee in a warm cafe, or just wrapping up in a cosy scarf and taking a walk in the fresh air, Scandinavian’s certainly practice what they preach when it comes to hygge. It’s the perfect place to relax, recharge and de-stress from the hectic pace of life back home. 


For Proper Snow

Unlike in the UK, where the whole country goes into meltdown over 2cm of snowfall, Scandinavia gives you a real winter wonderland experience without the added hassle! We’re talking feet of fresh, white powder, making the landscape so picturesque it’ll take your breath away. 


For Fika

Fika: the art of taking a break mid-afternoon to catch up with a friend or colleague over a coffee, and maybe a freshly baked Kanelbullar too! This is a practice we obviously fell in love with and will certainly be bringing back to Neat HQ. 


For Scandinavian style

From interiors to clothing, we think the Scandinavians are bang on the money when it comes to style. We regularly found ourselves lusting over their minimalist, sleek and stylish outfits and dreamy homeware shops. 


For A Plant-Lovers Heaven

Millennials rejoice, Scandinavia is the plant-haven you’re looking for to seriously up your ‘gram game! With jungle-like plant shops on almost every corner, and cafes and shops that can easily be mistaken for a (seriously beautiful) garden centre, any green-fingered plant fanatics will be in total heaven. 



How could we talk about Scandinavia, without paying homage to the wonder of IKEA? We have a lot to thank the Swedes for, but we’re particularly thankful for the creation of IKEA, answering all of our homeware and interior needs. Embrace your inner tourist and head over to Sweden to give yourself the authentic IKEA experience - we promise it’s even more fun than usual! 


For The People 

From our experience, Scandinavians are friendly and happy to help, but also willing to speak their minds in the most polite way. Don’t expect your Norwegian friend to bail on your Friday night plans last minute, faking illness or a late-running meeting - they’ll tell you straight if they’re just not interested. They’re also incredibly thoughtful and generous, from the free banana and muesli offered at the gym, to the offer of compensating your taxi money if public transport is delayed for more than 20 minutes. It’s no wonder that Scandinavians are said to be some of the happiest people on earth. 


For Their Transport System

Talking of transport, we’re big fans of the transport system everywhere we’ve experienced thus far. It’s easy to navigate, super speedy and always punctual. The trains out of Oslo in particular, are not only incredibly efficient, but they also come fit with coffee machines, spacious corridors and comfy padded seats - beats being wedged in on the Victoria line stuck at a red signal! 


For The Food!

Each destination in Scandinavia has it’s own particular delicacies, but we’re all about loafs Scandinavian rye and sourdough, spiced, sweet buns, incredibly fresh salmon and a whole lot of other wholesome eats. Even the products you’ll find in the supermarket seem less sickly sweet and processed than in the UK, and there’s tonnes of healthy food options wherever you are - from 7Eleven’s overnight oats and green smoothies to fresh sandwiches and salads at local cafes.


For The Fresh Air And Water

This is the place to come to feel rejuvenated after a few too many months breathing in London’s smog & drinking dubious tap water. The fresh, crisp air will feel amazing in your lungs, and so will drinking a glass of water that tastes like it’s fresh out the spring. Escape the cities and head out into wilderness to get the true boost your wellness needs.

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