Why SATS ELIXIA Is The Place To Train In Scandinavia

If you haven’t already seen from our Instagram feed, part of Team Neat has just got back from Scandinavia, where we were working on our super exciting new partnership with SATS ELIXIA. After visiting 20 of their sites across Sweden and Norway, we like to think we now know a thing or two about a SATS ELIXIA gym, and can definitely confirm that this is THE place you need to train at if you’re visiting Scandinavia. Here’s why: 

 SATS ELIXIA | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.  

Renowned Classes 

Unlike in the UK where you often end up going to separate studios for spinning, running and strength training classes, at SATS ELIXIA you can get everything you could ever need in one place. And when we say everything, we really do mean EVERYTHING. From their signature Build & Burn, to functional group training, yoga, barre, aerobics, MMA, pilates, spinning, indoor running - you name it, they’ve got it! Every week the studios offer hundreds of jam-packed classes, and we really recommend checking them out… 


Personal Training

We’re strong believers in seeking out professional opinion in the gym, especially if you’re new to training. It’s an awesome way to fast-track your results and make sure you’re performing correctly and efficiently. However, for most people in the UK, having a PT is an expensive luxury that is unfortunately hard to afford. In Scandinavia, gym memberships are much cheaper, making PT sessions much more affordable and therefore popular. Every SATS ELIXIA site is home to many top personal trainers, who are experts in their field and know exactly how to help you reach your goals.


Great Facilities

As well as having awesome classes, SATS ELIXIA has all the facilities you could ever need. Every site is different, but you can expect to find punching bags, endless top of the range equipment (including multiple sqat racks!), functional rigs, well-designed studios and great changing rooms. Oh, and not to mention they all have onsite childcare too! So finding a babysitter is no longer an excuse for skipping the gym… 



Maybe it’s something to do with London rent, but it seems all to common to find yourself in a teeny tiny gym, where everything is so crammed in that you’re practically getting showered in sweat from the person on the next machine! SATS ELIXIA is a different story, and we often found ourselves getting lost in 3 or 4 story mazes! 



It’s not just every type of class or gym machine that you can find in SATS, but you can also find all your favourite supplements, grab and go food, and activewear too! This is where you’ll find Neat Nutrition, so you’ll be able to pick up your favourite protein, Neat shaker or even one of our brand new protein pancake mixes, at selected sites across Sweden and Norway - if that doesn’t give you a reason to check out SATS ELIXIA then we don’t know what will! 

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