Can You Pre-Mix a Protein Shake? #QoW

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Can You Pre-Mix a Protein Shake?

There is no definitive yes or no answer to this question, but our thoughts land in the no camp. Once you mix your protein powder with liquid, it starts to break down the protein into amino acids ready to refuel your body. Although this doesn’t affect the protein content, we’re not sure we’d want to drink a shake that wasn’t freshly mixed.

Have you ever left your shaker somewhere and the next day got a whiff of the inside? Doesn’t smell too sharp does it? That’s why we’re always keen to have our shakes and smoothies freshly made. Plus, if you’re mixing with water after a workout, the best time to have a shake is in the thirty minutes after exercise. It literally couldn’t be easier to add water, shake and drink. 

If you’re mixing your protein powder into a smoothie, why not bag up your ingredients and pop them in the freezer? That way you can grab a bag, add your liquid, a scoop of protein and can be out the door in less than five. Fresh, cold and delicious!

Yes, you can buy premixed protein shakes from those fridges at the gym, but they will have preservatives and fillers added to extend their shelf life. If you’re keeping it clean, we say fresh is best!

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