Can I Have More Than One Protein Shake a Day? #QoW

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Can I Have More Than One Protein Shake a Day? 

This week’s question comes from our event at Shoreditch House last Friday where we were asked ‘can I have more than one protein shake a day?’

Yes, you can have more than one shake per day. Should you have more than one shake per day? – that’s a good follow on question and all depends on you, your diet and your exercise.

If you have a protein heavy diet and you’re not undertaking much exercise, you don’t need to add lots of shakes to your daily routine. If you’re having a heavy workout in the morning and down a shake before your commute, then have another mid-afternoon with some fruit or veg, then all you’re doing is giving your body the tools it needs to repair. Everyone is different and you should listen to your body, taking into account your dietary needs.

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