3 Home Workouts For The Holidays

Us Londoners are pretty blessed when it comes to our fitness: we've got easy access to a wealth of gym classes, cycle lanes and running routes... even walking to the tube can clock up some serious steps! For many, heading home to visit family for the holidays means leaving all this behind to spend a lot of time lying on the sofa! So for those who want to keep moving and avoid that sluggish feeling after too many Quality Streets and yet another Harry Potter marathon, here’s 3 home workouts to try wherever you may be…


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Full-Body Bodyweight Circuit

Work for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds & repeat the circuit 3-4 times:

Jumping lunges

Press ups

Jump squats

Mountain climbers

Tricep dips


Squat with a pulse at the bottom 

Sprints (can be done on the spot if short on space)


Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

Complete one exercise after the other & repeat the circuit 4-5 times:

Glute bridges  x15 reps

Banded clam shell x15 reps each side

Fire hydrants x15 reps each side

Lateral shuffles x15 reps each side

Banded squats x15 reps each side



This one's simple:

Skip as fast as you can for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds & repeat 15 times! To make it more challenging, play around with different skipping styles and tricks, whether that's double-unders, high knees or single leg jumps. 

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