Is Whey Protein Good For You?

Whey Protein is made from milk. Very simply put, milk is made up of curds and whey, which is separated during the cheese making process. Curds go to make cheese, while whey makes – yes, you guessed it – whey protein.

The whey is spray dried to form a powder and for our Neat Nutrition Whey Protein, very little is then added. Because whey is a dried, solid form of a liquid, its super creamy and smooth when mixed with just water for your post-workout shake. In contrast, Vegan Protein has a grainier texture due to it’s plant-based origin.

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Whey Protein has an optimum blend of all the 9 essential amino acids you need from your diet and has a high protein yield per scoop. We don’t add any rubbish to our proteins, so the ingredient list is pretty small. Whey isolate, whey concentrate, natural flavourings, Xantham Gum (a thickener) and thaumatin (a natural sweetener from the katemfe fruit) is all you’ll find in our Whey Protein.

When mixed with just water post-workout, Whey Protein can reach your muscles in around 30 minutes, to start repairing the damage caused by exercise. The amino acids in protein help rebuild cells and repair the tears in your muscles that occur during your workout. This is how muscle is built (over time of course!).

So is Whey Protein good for you, or should you try Vegan Protein instead?

This is a question we get asked a lot, especially now so many people research their diets and are more aware about their own food intolerances. Lactose intolerance is becoming more wide spread and if you have a problem with digesting milk and dairy, then you should avoid Whey Protein and try our Vegan Protein.

However, we work hard to ensure that our Whey and Vegan Proteins are both great additions to a balanced diet. So if you have no issues with dairy products or milk, Whey Protein may be a better choice for you.

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