5 Reasons We Love Coffee

Whether it’s a double espresso, a hazelnut flat white or an iced Americano, it would be fair to say that we love a good cup of coffee here at Neat! It’s why we stock London’s best coffee, Ozone, in The Neat Café, and why we were so excited about refuelling you all at Sweatlife Festival earlier this year with our brand new Choca Mocha Shake recipe! Okay, so we might be a little bit obsessed, but with International Coffee Day happening this Sunday, we just couldn't resist celebrating with 5 of the reasons we love coffee…

Ozone Coffee From The Neat Cafe | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Full Of Antioxidants

Who knew your morning cup of Joe came with so many health benefits? Coffee is actually full of antioxidants, which prevent our cells from being oxidised by toxins, chemicals and inflammation.


Improves Your Mood & Reduces Stress

It might sound a little strange, particularly as coffee is a stimulant, but coffee has been shown to reduce stress and improve your mood. We have to agree that there’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee to make you feel that little bit happier and more relaxed.


Boosts Productivity

Oh caffeine, how we love how your ability to perk us up and get us through our inboxes! We're forever grateful for the minute that an awesome cup of coffee kicks in and you start flying through your to-do list.


Boosts Athletic Performance

Like with tackling your mounting workload, coffee can help you feel less tired and increase your energy levels thanks to its caffeine content. This is why a strong coffee is a popular choice of pre-workout! It has also been said to increase the amount of oxygen consumption during exercise, and stimulate the nervous system, which could help with the breakdown of fat... double espresso anyone?


Tastes Amazing

We use Ozone Coffee at The Neat Café, and we’d say it tastes pretty incredible! Make sure to come down and see us on Regent St. to give it a try; we'll make it just how you like it with the milk of your choice. And if you can't get to Regent St., check out some of our favourite coffee recipes on the blog to celebrate the big day in style this weekend. Which would you choose, our Choca Mocha Shake, our Coffee Cooler or our brand new Mocha Avocado Mousse?

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