5 Uses for Your Neat Shaker

Thought protein shakers were just for your shaking up your post-workout shake at the gym? Think again! We’re all about that reduce, reuse, recycle life, so we thought we’d share 5 other fun ways you can use any old protein shakers you have lying around in your kitchen cupboards at home…


5 Uses for your Neat Shaker

Re-useable Water Bottle
Okay, this is a little obvious, but our Neat shakers also make for great re-useable water bottles and are a great alternative for picking up plastic ones on-the-go. It’s super compact, meaning it fits neatly in your backpack, and the handy lid makes it super easy to grab a quick gulp of water in between sets at the gym.

Breakfast Jars
If you’re someone who is always eating breakfast on-the-go and needs a convenient way to transport all your meals around with you, then the Neat shaker is going to become your new best friend! Whip up one of our protein-packed overnight oats recipes and pop them in your shaker ready to take to work the next day. Not a fan of cold oats? Try our new desk-fast yoghurt jars recipe, made 3 different ways.

Layered Salads
In the same way you’d use your shaker to store your overnight oats, you can also do the same thing for your lunchtime salad. Layer up different coloured veggies, grains and your favourite protein source, pop a little dressing or hummus on top and your lunch is good to go. All you need to do is give it a good shake at lunchtime and dig in!

Flower Vase
If you’ve ever visited us at lululemon’s Sweatlife festival, or any other fitness event, you might have seen we love using Neat shakers to hold a beautiful bunch of flowers! We might be a little bias, but who wants to follow the crowd and go with a boring old vase?

Pencil Holder
Yup, your Neat shaker can even be used as a handy, desk-side pencil holder! Get organised and clear all the random bits and bobs on your desk into a shaker – you’ll be surprised at how much you can store in there… pens, pencils or even Neat bars for when you get peckish. Your desk will have never looked so good!

How do you use your Neat shakers? Let us know in the comments below or tag us in your pictures on social!

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