5 Ways to Refresh Your Workout

Routine can be a great thing – it can get your out of bed in the morning, it can push you onwards without indecision and it simplifies life when everything else isn’t so simple. But routine can also kill spontaneity and can leave you bored and restless. If you’re finding it harder to get yourself motivated to exercise, it could be because your workouts need changing up. Try these tips to refresh your tired routine; your mind will thank you, and your body too!

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Train With Someone New

Know someone who loves to exercise? Ask if you can tag along with their session. Trying someone else’s routine might inspire you to do things a little differently. Also, a little competition never hurt anyone!

Try a New Class

Have you going to spin three times a week and always wondered what the group of people hanging outside the studio opposite are doing? Change things up and join them! Try a class completely out of your comfort zone. You’ll either love it and find a new must for your weekly planner, or hate it and have a new found respect for your old favourite.

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Get Outside and Breathe

Change your scenery and take your workout outside. There are plenty of workouts you can improvise in parks – see a bench? Get those triceps dips in! Steps? Run circuits up and down and get that heart rate up. Take an early run through town and notice things you don’t get time to during rush hour.

Switch Up the Equipment

Are you using the same weights every week? Switch it up and grab a powerbag or medicine ball. By using different equipment for different movements, you’ll work new muscle groups in new planes of motion. Yes, you’ll be sore the next day, but it’s that the point?

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Reset Your Planner

Do you do legs on a Thursday and back on a Tuesday? Go back to the calendar and refresh your exercise days. If your mind has plateaued with the same-old, so too may your body. If Saturday is usually your rest day, move it to Monday and see what new opportunities for exercise you have on a weekend.


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