6 Foods That’ll Zap Your Energy (And What To Try Instead)

Lacking the energy to even make it through the day? If you’ve followed all our tips from last year's sleep month and have successfully managed a great night’s sleep, but still feel like you could snooze at your laptop, it’s time to take a closer look at your diet. What we eat has a huge impact on our energy levels and performance, so if you’re eating some of these regularly, it could just be the reason you’re yawning through your 3pm zoom meeting… 

6 Foods That'll Zap Your Energy | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Fried Foods

The problem with deep-fried foods is that the high-fat content takes the body a long time to break down and digest Your body goes into overdrive, leaving you with less energy for the next few hours.

If you’re hankering after a plate of chips or a hefty falafel wrap, make your own instead using oven-baked alternatives. It’ll be much easier to digest and will taste much fresher too!


Low Calorie

Saying that, don’t automatically assume that low calorie is best. Avoiding calorie-dense foods in an attempt to speed up weight loss is another sure-fire way to drain your energy. Don’t forget that your body NEEDS calories to function and perform, so if you’re eating too little your energy levels will start to bottom out.

Avoid skipping meals or letting your hunger become too strong before you finally sit down to eat, and make sure you’re eating enough to sustain your mind. If you’re hungry in between meals and don’t have time to eat, grab a whey or vegan protein shake to keep you going for a little longer.


Energy Drinks

Sure, they work in the immediate sense, but once the caffeine and sugar starts to wear off you’ll feel even more sluggish and tired than before. Think a cup of coffee is a better option? Although the odd cup will pip up your productivity, be careful not to overdo it – or you’ll feel your blood sugar levels plummet. 

Try an energising herbal tea or a glass of water instead. Yes, it’s boring, but keeping hydrated is key to keeping your mind sharp!


Low Iron Foods

It probably goes without saying that iron is pretty important stuff. It’s responsible for transporting oxygen throughout your body, and if you’re not getting enough oxygen, you’re going to feel drained.

If you think you might be low on iron, red meat is the most common source, but lentils, spinach, edamame and nuts are some great plant-based options too.


Sugary Snacks

When we’re tired, we often turn straight to sugar because for our bodies, sugar = quick energy. Whether it’s starting the day with a sugary bowl of cereal or a chocolate bar mid-afternoon, both are going to fail in giving you the sustained energy you need to tackle your day. High sugar, low fibre foods are a recipe for disaster – resulting in a quick energy rush, followed by a heavy crash.

Instead, curb your sweet tooth with a healthier alternative, like a couple of our cookie dough protein balls!


Pre Packaged “All-Fruit” Smoothies

Thought that smoothie you picked up instead of a chocolate bar was a healthier choice? Most pre-packaged smoothie options are full of pure fruit, meaning they’re not only likely to contain preservatives and fillers, but they’re also an unexpected sugar bomb – meaning you’ll have a crash coming for you.

Instead, whip up a smoothie with some healthy fats and a boost of protein too. This will help slow the absorption and will keep your energy levels stable. Try this chocolate avocado recipe!

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