7 Things That Could Be Hindering Your Running Progress

Scratching your head as to why your next PB isn’t getting any closer? Don’t retire your running shoes just yet, as we might just have the answer to your woes… 

7 Things That Could Be Hindering Your Running Progress | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.  

Lacking Training Structure

As with any skill, when you start out, progress comes thick and fast, but when you get into the groove, the dreaded plateau hits. This is when having a proper training plan, which mixes up your pace and distances and promotes small, weekly progressions, is key. Running the same 5k week in, week out isn’t going to push you past your limits.



Similarly, to make progress you need to be consistently working at it – not just doing the odd run here and there. It’s hard work, but we promise your dedication will be worth it!


Lack of Cross Training

Your running performance isn’t just impacted by the time you spend running. A good training plan contains cross-training, ideally a solid programme of weight lifting to build muscle. This will not only prevent injury but will also add some real power to your sprints! There’s no better way to boost your speeds...


Stretching? Not Important…

Being short on isn’t an excuse to skip your stretches. From helping to prevent injury, to improving mobility and reducing muscle soreness, there’s no shortage of ways that prioritising rehab work could elevate your progress.


Too Little Rest

We spend a lot of time harping on about how important sleep is, so we probably don’t have to tell you how crucial proper rest and recovery is for both your health and your training performance. If you’ve somehow missed this, you can catch up on the impact of sleep and exercise, here. You'll never miss the opportunity for an early bedtime again... 


No Gear, No Idea

Although you don’t need anything too fancy to go running, having proper kit can have a massive impact on your performance (as anyone who has tried to jog in converse will know)! Focus on getting a good, supportive pair of trainers with plenty of bounce and some comfortable running leggings or shorts that don’t fall down or rub.


Not Fuelling Up

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it a million times again – you need to fuel your training! Check out our simple supplementation tips that could help supercharge your performance.

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