Eight Tips For Spending More Time Outside

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There’s no refuting that spending more time outside is good for our health. It's linked to fighting fatigue, boosting productivity, improving mental health and even lowering blood pressure. But does that mean doom and gloom for us office working city-dwellers?

Not so fast… here’s how you can benefit from spending more time in the great outdoors, even with a hectic office job: 

Eight Tips For Spending More Time Outside | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Utilise Your Lunch Break

When work gets crazy - as always seems to be the case – it’s important to utilise any opportunities you can to get out. Getting out of the office at lunchtime is a great non-negotiable. A 20-minute walk and eating lunch outside on sunny days is ideal, but even just heading out for 10 to accompany colleagues to buy their lunch is better than nothing!


Take Internal Catch Ups, Outside

It’s not always realistic to request your international board members dial in to a meeting taking place in the park, but it is a great idea for internal catch ups. If you’re having a weekly check in or catch up, take advantage of dry weather and take a walk or pick a spot to sit outside. It’ll help you feel refreshed and the change of scenery might even spark your creativity. Got a call? Walk and talk!


Change Up Your Commute

We know it’s a cliché but making the most of your commute is one of the best ways to get more time outside. There’s good reason so many Londoners choose to hop on their bikes and avoid the sweaty, over-crowded summer tubes! If biking isn’t your thing, get off the tube early or switch up your commute so it has a longer walk.


Swap Your Gym Session For A Run Club

Take advantage of light, sunny mornings and swap your AM cardio session in the gym for an outdoor workout. Grab a skipping rope, head out for a run, or pull together a quick bodyweight circuit. Terrible at staying accountable without booking into a class? Stay committed by meeting a friend or joining your local run club instead. Live in London? Here’s a few great clubs to get you started


Post Work Picnic

Skip cramming into a sweaty, overcrowded pub – grab some supplies from the shops and head to the park for a picnic! The fresh air and vitamin D will be just what you need after a stressful day at the office.


Reinvent Your Afternoon Coffee Break

If you’re a sucker for an afternoon tea break, pop your cuppa in a keep cup and take the kitchen gossip outside. Even just 5-10 minutes to walk around the block or take a seat on a beach will help to improve your mood mid-afternoon.


Maximise Your Weekend

You might be stuck in the office 5 days a week, but there’s still 2 days to get out and explore! Make the most of your freedom at the weekend and try to avoid holing away in front of Netflix. Go explore a new neighbourhood, meet a friend for a bike ride or walk and talk with a coffee. A weekend of outdoor adventures will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated come Monday morning.


Make It A Habit

The hardest part about any of these tips? Making them stick. Pick a couple that you think seem achievable and stick with it until it becomes second nature (excuse the pun!). Set an alarm or mark it in your calendar so that it’s an appointment you can’t skip.

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