Will Protein Make Me Bulky? #QoW


Will Protein Make Me Bulky? 

This is one we get asked a lot, especially from the ladies. The short answer? No. The long answer? Here it is...

No! This is probably the number one misconception when it comes to protein. A high protein diet with moderate carb and fat intake will help tone your body and achieve lean muscles. The only way you will bulk up is if you lift heavy weights every day and even then you’d struggle to really gain that much muscle. Body builders follow strict diet and exercise regimes to achieve their physiques so following a balanced diet and healthy exercise regime will not give you the body of Hulk Hogan.

Similarly, we get asked a lot about ‘will taking protein make me fat’. Again, the simple answer is no, but it goes a little deeper than that. A high protein diet will keep you feeling full for longer, so hopefully you’ll feel less inclined to snack on naughty things! However, you need to be careful about the protein you’re taking. Many proteins on the market have added sugars so be sure to check the labels and educate yourself on what you’re consuming. 

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