Should I Give a Protein Supplement to My Child? #QoW


Should I Give a Protein Supplement to My Child? 

This question was asked at our recent talk at Soho House and its one we’ve come across a few times. Should children have a protein supplement? 

There are plenty of young people who are undertaking intense exercise; swimmers, runners, footballers, dancers and any other sport or activity that an adult does. Add to this intense exercise, a growing body and actually, a protein supplement might just be something to think about.

If you consider that protein is sourced either from dairy or from plants, these are food groups that already form a young person’s diet. Children are encouraged to drink a lot of milk and whey protein is, simply, milk that has been separated and spray dried. Especially if the protein is clean with no artificial colours, flavours and sugars added.

Fluorescent coloured sports drinks are readily made available to children and are more often than not, glorified sugar, so is a protein supplement not a healthier option?

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