What's the Best Flavour Protein? #QoW


What's the Best Flavour Protein?

Now here’s a question and one that we get asked ALL the time! With vanilla, chocolate, berry and naked to choose from, there’s something for everyone, but which is ‘best’?

As with most things, flavour is subjective. Some people will prefer a fruity taste while others will prefer chocolate, chocolate and always chocolate. What we can tell you though, is that vanilla is our biggest seller. Vanilla is a great all-rounder for simple shakes but also for when you want to add fruit or veggies because it always enhances the flavour.

Then there’s chocolate: sometimes you just need a little chocolate right? Try popping some chocolate protein in the blender with some almond milk, banana, almond butter and almond milk – its awesome.

Berry is our under-appreciated flavour. It’s often overlooked for vanilla and chocolate but those that have tried it, know how good it is! It’s a great enhancement to berry based or fruit shakes but its also great mixed just with water or almond/coconut milk. 

Finally we have naked which is perfect for cooking with as you won’t alter the taste of the other ingredients in the dish – try any of these recipes with naked protein.

As Craig David once asked, what’s your flavour?

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