Are You A Weekend Treater?

Weekends are the speed bump in the road making healthier choices. We know how hard it is to say no to the Chinese order that’s floating around the group chat. With that in mind, we asked our friends at Jane Plan to share their top tips on how to treat yourself at weekends in a smarter way...

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You eat carefully in the week, keeping things healthy from Monday to Friday, even if you’re stressed and super busy. However, when it comes to the weekend it's a different story… sound familiar? Friday night takeaways, Saturday morning fry-ups and roast Sunday lunches are big features of the weekend menu. Weekends are your down time - and why not, you've earnt it.

The trick is to balance your weekend eating. A couple of your favourite treats at the weekend won't undo all the hard work you've put in during the week, but overdoing it every weekend will! Here are our six easy tricks to help you smash your healthy eating goals even at the weekend:

Ditch the takeaways (yes, throw away those menus - out of sight, out of mind).

Enjoy long lazy brunches, but indulge in exotic fruit or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, rather than bacon and fried eggs.

Buy the highest quality ingredients you can afford and create a deliciously healthy dinner, so you feel like the indulgence you crave with a takeaway.

Love weekend lunches with your children? Change your habits - don't go for pizza, introduce them to sushi instead.

Sunday roasts are great – but add a healthy twist. Choose a lean cut of meat and cut back on the potatoes, gravy and dessert. Instead, finish off lunch with frozen berries. Delicious!

Don't take the whole weekend off - if you feel you need time out from your diet, treat yourself to one night off instead and get back to your usual healthy meals the next day.


This blog was provided by our friends at Jane Plan, where it was originally published.

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