Women's Equality Day: 4 Empowering Workouts For Women

Although there’s nothing wrong with having physical goals, focusing too heavily on aesthetics can often leave you struggling to find the motivation to hit the gym. But by putting the fun back into exercise again and focusing on how exercise makes you feel, keeping up with a regular workout routine can suddenly seem so much more sustainable. So to celebrate Women’s Equality Day this Saturday, we’re sharing 4 workouts that women (or men!) should try to feel strong, confident and empowered!


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Weight Lifting

It’s easy to feel intimidated by all that testosterone flowing in the weights area, however lifting some heavy weights is the best workout if you want to feel strong and empowered. Try adding deadlifts, overhead squats and barbell rows into your programme to give your muscles a serious full-body workout. Our top tip? Ignore what everyone around you is lifting and just focus on yourself.



If you’re looking for a workout that makes you feel ready to take on the world, then look no further! Going hell to leather on a punching bag is not only one of the best forms of cardio, but it’ll also make you feel seriously strong and like nobody can stand in your way.  It’s cheaper than your average therapy session too…


Circuit Training

Creating circuits from functional movements is amazing for proving to yourself what your body is really capable of. Try combining bodyweight exercises such as jump squats, press-ups and pull ups with weighted exercises such as battle ropes, sled pushes and sandbag slams for a great conditioning workout that will really get those endorphins flowing.



Just because you want to gain a sense of empowerment from your workout doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put your body through a grueling, high-intensity workout. When you’re in need of something a little bit more zen, head to a yoga class to work on your mind-body connection and get a better understanding of your body’s capabilities. Hit the mat and say hello to an extra boost of confidence… the incredible arm muscles are just an added bonus!

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