Bonfire Night 2017: Where to Watch The Fireworks in London

This weekend, we’re celebrating the 5th of November, a.k.a Bonfire Night; that bizarre British holiday where we light bonfires, let off fireworks and burn scarecrows to celebrate the fact that Houses of Parliament was not blown to pieces by Guy Fawkes in 1605. So to make sure you remember, remember the 5th of November, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to catch the fireworks in London this weekend…

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Alexandra Palace

North Londoners – this one’s for you! As well as having it’s own incredible fireworks display, Alexandra Palace is a great spot to admire the distant fireworks across London’s skyline. You certainly won't be bored with the venue putting on ice-skating, a German beer festival, a laser show and a full firework display as well as other entertainment. Tickets: £11 (Kids £8.50)


Primrose Hill

For those on a budget, Primrose Hill might not have it’s own show, but it’s another beautiful spot to watch the fireworks across London's skyline, and you don't need to spend a penny. Why watch one show when you could watch them all? It’s always popular so be prepared for heavy crowds - at least you’ll be kept warm!


Battersea Park

Looking for the most impressive fireworks across the city? Battersea Park is the place to head for an award-winning show. This year will consist of a 22-minute firework display, set to music inspired by the theme, Power. Tickets for the 50,000 capacity event are £10, and are available online.


Kensington Roof Gardens

Don’t fancy standing in a muddy park for the evening? For a more sophisticated take on bonfire night, we recommend grabbing a ticket for Kensington Roof Gardens. The evening will be filled with cocktails, refreshments and of course an epic firework display, before the club’s resident DJ takes centre stage.



South London movie buffs rejoice! Brockwell Park has chosen a theme of ‘A night at the Movies’, which will have their 20-minute display set to a blockbuster soundtrack and famous film quotes. Tickets, £8.50, are available from Eventbrite.

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