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If you live in London, you may have read about The Felix Project in the Evening Standard on your evening commute. The paper has just partnered with the charity whose mission is to collect surplus food from food suppliers and distribute it to local charities, so they can provide healthy meals for their clients.

The Felix Project was started by Justin Byam Shaw who’s son Felix, died suddenly from meningitis in 2014. Justin wanted to create a legacy to commemorate Felix and his giving nature.

Sadiq Kahn Felix Project  | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.(Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is Felix Project's latest volunteer)

According to the Evening Standard, the UK wastes enough fresh produce to fill Wembley Stadium ten times over - that’s ten million tonnes – and yet an estimated four hundred thousand Londoners suffer food poverty.

Food poverty is a term that applies to an individual or household that isn’t able to obtain healthy, nutritious food or cannot get the food they want to eat. Food poverty effects health: often the cheapest food available is the only option, which can lead to malnutrition or obesity as well as a variety of other associated health problems.

With all this in mind, we at Neat Nutrition wanted to help. Last month, we donated a supply of our whey protein to the initiative. Our protein contains a great mix of protein and carbohydrates, as well as all the essential amino acids our bodies need from our diet. Whey protein is also a great way to feel satiated and keep hunger at bay for longer.

The Felix Project assist charities who support those with the least access to healthy foods: the homeless, people suffering from mental illness, women in refuges, children and the elderly. In turn, these charities can save money from their food budget to spend on other provisions.

So how can you help?

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If you’d like to know more about the Felix Project or would like to donate or offer your time, visit: http://www.thefelixproject.org/




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