Fitness Challenges to Motivate You Through The Rest of 2019

Regular readers will know that we love using September as a time to reignite career and nutrition goals, and the same goes for our fitness routine! But despite our current motivation, we know as soon as Autumn hits and we’re greeted by dark, frosty mornings, good intentions can quickly fall by the wayside. Let’s face it, peeling yourself out of bed for that early morning run just isn’t as appealing as it was during the summer months!

Which is exactly why it's a great idea to find yourself a fitness challenge to help motivate you through to finish 2019 on a high. With a goal in sight, your competitive nature will kick in and you'll be up and out come rain and shine! Ready to join us? Here’s some great challenge ideas to get you started… 

Fitness Challenges To Motivate You Through The Rest of 2019 | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.


For Those Wanting to Push Their Limits

Take on the Winter Ballbuster Duathlon at Box Hill in November. The clue’s in the name; this is no easy feat, comprising of a 24-mile bike ride, in between two eight-mile runs – including tackling the famous Box Hill not just once, but five times! Your quads will certainly be tested… they don’t call it one toughest endurance challenges without reason! Find out more, here.


For Runners

Running fanatics, there’s still time to score yourself another race medal before the winter closes in. Apply for a last-minute entry to Bournemouth’s half or full marathon. The beautiful coastal views will hopefully be a welcome distract from any aches and pains, and the crisp, fresh air will certainly make a change from running in the heavy London smog! Feeling tempted? It’s on the 6th October, so it’s time to lace up your trainers stat! 


For Everyday Life

Find a fitness challenge that challenges you but fits well within your lifestyle. Here at Neat, we took on our own #MyMiles Challenge, in aid of Sportsaid, to spread awareness for the hundreds of miles young athletes take on every week in order to achieve their goals. We pledged to all climb as many flights of stairs as walking up the Shard, every week! Set yourself a goal, and even better, get the whole office involved! How about you aim to hit 15,000 steps every day, to not take the lift for the entire month of October or bike to work 3 times a week.


For Class Goers

Need someone else to keep you accountable and motivate you through your workout? If this is you, sign up to F45’s next 8-week challenge, which starts this October. Head to one of London’s multiple sites and get ready for 8 weeks of hardcore workouts and nutritious meals. It’s not going to be easy, but the awesome F45 community who’ll be doing it with you will certainly make it easier.


For Those Who Need Mental Clarity

Not all fitness challenges have to be about pushing your body to its absolute limits. There’s no doubt this one is good for your body, but the benefits will reach far further than just that. If you need to gain some mental clarity or calm your anxiety, try committing to 30 days of yoga with Do You Yoga. With 10-20 minute long videos, it’s a great way to kickstart yourself into a daily yoga practice.

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