Get to Know Our Ambassadors: Amy Andrew

We chatted to journalist turned boxing trainer and Neat ambassador, Amy Andrew, to find out everything from how she got into health and fitness and her favourite workout, to why she can't keep peanut butter in the house!


Amy Andrew Neat Ambassador | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Favourite Neat Nutrition Product?

Vegan protein - berry flavour. I workout a lot and I’m a vegan so it's perfect for me - it helps with muscle repair to prevent injuries. 


How did you get started in health and fitness?

I've always loved sport - I played netball and spent a lot of time snowboarding when I was younger. I also studied sports science at Loughborough University. I took up boxing later - after signing up to a white collar charity bout a few years ago and I was immediately hooked! Now I’m an amateur boxer and have won the prestigious Haringey Box Cup twice. A year ago I did my coaching certificates, quit my job, and plunged in head first! I reckoned, I was at the gym so much, I may as well get paid for it!  


If you weren't in this job, what would you be doing?

Going mad! I was a journalist for nearly ten years, which was amazing, but I'm not good at sitting still or working in an office! I love being active and get a real kick out of teaching people about a sport that I love, and seeing them get hooked too - in whatever capacity that may be, from keep-fit to competitive. Boxing is an inclusive sport and you meet all different kinds of people - the women in particular I find very inspirational.


What’s your favourite workout?

Sparring! If I never had to do anything else, I'd be a happy lady! It's really fun working out other peoples' styles, and improving on all the things I am learning in training. When I have a bad spar, it's the worst! But there's nothing better than the feeling you get after a wicked spar. 


What exercise do you dislike?

I hate weights. Even though I feel bad saying that as a trainer, I find them boring. Lots of other people really love weights and I recognise the benefits, but the thought of doing a weights session makes me want to eat my own hand. Bodyweight exercises, sparring and running for me!


Favourite shake recipe and why?

Green juice with kale, lemon, cucumber, ginger, green apple, and spinach is the best. I have it a lot when I am making weight for a fight and it's packed with nutrients - so I feel like it's a treat, even though that sounds really lame! I am addicted to blueberry, banana, almond milk, peanut butter, date and neat nutrition vegan protein shakes, too. 


What's your favourite guilty pleasure snack?

I've got an actual peanut butter problem. I can't have it in the house, or the whole pot disappears within a day… not great for making weight! 


Where is the best place to eat well in London?

I love Bar Arabica, a Lebanese in Borough Market. The food is gorgeous and the staff are lovely. I also have a real thing for kebab shops! They usually do great hummus and salad wraps on the cheap, which are very healthy! I just feel a bit sheepish emerging from a kebab shop on a Monday lunchtime! 


How do you recover from illness or feeling rundown?

Ginger and sleep! I am always running about between training and work, so I eat lots and lots of veg to help keep me healthy. 


Lastly, why is being a Neat Ambassador important to you?

People have really got into their exercise during the past few years, which is brilliant. However, most people really don't understand how much of an important part food plays in enabling you to carry on doing what you love - and improving. There's nothing more frustrating than being injured! In the past I've struggled with a few injuries, which in hindsight could probably have been prevented with a better diet - even though my meals and lifestyle have always been very healthy, targeted nutrition can really support your hobbies, and is even more important for athletes.

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