Get to Know Our Ambassadors: Guy Sherwin

Here at Neat we're passionate about creating quality products that suit every lifestyle. Get to know Management Consultant and Neat Ambassador Guy Sherwin, from his favourite place to eat in London and his favourite workout, to why being a Neat Ambassador is important to him...


Guy Sherwin Neat Ambassador | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


What's Your Favourite Neat Nutrition Product? Vanilla Lean Protein


How did you get started in health and fitness?

In my early twenties I was pretty unfit and took up swimming just as a way of getting into shape; although I quickly became competitive and before long I was training in GB performance centres, first at the University of Bath and then at Stockport. It was in this performance environment that I was introduced to some serious strength and conditioning programs where I developed a deep understanding and fascination of athletic training. I don’t swim so much anymore, but I maintain the interest and the level of intensity in my training programs, and am constantly looking for new ideas / skills to adopt and master.


If you weren't in this job, what would you be doing?

I graduated as a physiotherapist and a big part of me loved the role physiotherapy plays in sports medicine, so I would probably still be trying my hand at that.  


What’s your ‘Day on a Plate’ look like?

Wow, a lot! I try to eat the equivalent of 5 medium sized meals a day, each with a decent serving of protein and a small amount of carbs.

  • Breakfast is usually some form of porridge / acai bowl with Neat vanilla lean protein and a mixed fruit and nuts; if I don’t have time for that, I would usually go for a protein smoothie with oats for an extra boost
  • Mid-morning I would probably  have more fruit, maybe a bag of nuts and some form of protein rich snack such as energy balls; again, using Neat lean protein
  • Lunch is usually a variation on high-protein salad (chicken / salmon / quinoa) and a few hours later I would back it up with a Neat protein, BCAA and creatine shake
  • My evening, post-workout meal would usually be high-protein, low carbs, such as an omelette or maybe fish with vegetables
  • Before bed I almost always have a casein based meal (dessert) – a fave at the moment is chia seed pudding with Neat slow release vanilla protein and a bunch of whole food ingredients


What’s your favourite workout?

It changes all the time, but a conditioning session I’ve been doing a lot recently is 10 rounds, starting every 4mins of:

  • 500m rowing holding sub-1:35 pace
  • 30 wall ball shots with 12kg medicine ball
  • 30 double-under skipping 


What's your favourite guilty pleasure snack?

Blue cheese - currently feeling Beenleigh Blue from Neals Yard - with either caramelised red onion chutney or quince jelly!


Where is the best place to eat well in London?

Hmm, perhaps not the answer you’re looking for, but nothing beats a steak at Pitt Cue after a BIG workout!


What have you wanted to quit but didn't?

Every time I attempt a 1000m time trial on the rowing machine, I hit about 600m and feel like my whole world is caving in – I haven’t quit one yet though!


Being so busy, what do you do to relax and why is it important to take time for yourself?

I find a sauna, steam room and massage works pretty well, but if the weather’s nice, I love spending time on the beach in the sun! It’s definitely important to switch off both mentally and physically in order to avoid stress which can ultimately lead to fatigue and injuries.


Lastly, why is being a Neat Ambassador important to you?

It’s nice to be associated with a company that not only produces high-quality nutritional products, but also educates it's customers so they are able to make informed, healthy lifestyle choices.

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