Getting Active Outside The Gym

We often preach that living an active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym, and it’s an ethos we truly stand by. If you find the thought of jogging on a treadmill or waiting for free dumbbells terribly dull, that doesn’t mean exercise isn’t for you – there are so many others ways for you to get active in the great outdoors. Here are some ideas to get you started…

 Getting Active Outside The Gym | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.



We’re pretty lucky that here in the UK, you don’t usually have to travel too far to find some good hiking routes, even if you live in the city. For those hoping for an active weekend away, the Lake District has to be one of our favourite hiking spots. Boasting Helvellyn mountain, the third-highest point in England, it’s a breath-taking part of the country – when it’s not raining that is! But be warned, the mountain’s sharp ridge, named “Striding Edge”, is not for the faint-hearted. 

For those in London who want something a little closer to home, we’d recommend exploring the South Downs Way. In between Winchester and the white cliffs of Beachy Head, the national park is certainly not short of rural beauty and has plenty of routes that range in difficulty: perfect for beginners or seasoned hiking pros.


Wild Swimming

Anyone for a morning dip? Wild swimming is certainly one way to remove the sleep from your tired eyes! Although we love swimming in the sea whenever possible, there are also plenty of spots in London to get into the wild, like the Serpentine or Hampstead Health. The best bit? It comes with health benefits that surpass your usual morning cardio session in the gym - the cold water is said to boost your immune system and increase blood flow. 

If you fancy giving it a go, keep your eyes on our friends at Rude Health for any upcoming wild swimming events in the London area. They’ll even warm you up after with a bowl of porridge!



As one of the UK’s most popular sports, cycling is obviously great for your fitness levels, and also means you can travel and explore much further than you ever could on foot. We love that we don’t have to get too out of the city to find some beautiful routes and a good dose of country air. Here in London, the Box Hill Olympic Circuit is a firm-favourite. It’s 19km, including a 2.5km ascent, and is suitable for all abilities.

Need something to keep you fuelled on the go? Pack your shaker with a scoop of Whey Protein so you can simply add water for a creamy tasting shake.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a true test of upper body strength and will work your back muscles like nothing you’ve ever experienced in the gym! For some awesome beginner’s crags that’ll wet your climbing appetite, check out this list, here. And if it's not the right weather conditions to get outdoors, try an indoor climbing centre to practice your skills ready for the real deal.


Go Ape

With locations across the country, Go Ape is a popular place for a family day out or a team bonding session with colleagues. Running about the treetop obstacle course is a great alternative for another afternoon in the pub, and we promise you’ll feel so much better for the fresh air.  



From Exmouth to Runswick Bay, there’s a whole host of scenic lakes, rivers and esterys to explore across the UK. The best bit? It’s warmer than swimming and allows you to truly take in your surroundings - what a refreshing way to start a crisp morning! Head to the National Trust’s website for some great spots to kayak or canoe. 

Exploring is hungry work. Make sure to refuel with a hearty pancake stack or a warming bowl of protein oats... 

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