Getting Everyone Active This Christmas

Although Christmas isn’t the classic time to make great progress with your training, for those who workout regularly, it can feel odd to take a week off to lay on the sofa and binge-watch terrible tv. However, no-one likes to be the one who sneaks off to the gym whilst the rest of their family spends quality time together. But there's a compromise to be found, by getting your whole family moving with you this Christmas…  

  How to Get Active This Christmas | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.

Park Run

Join your local park run for a fresh 5k. You can run or walk, so there’s no pressure for those who aren’t seasoned athletes – just get out your favourite Christmas jumper and go join in the fun! Check out their website to find times and locations for events across the country – some even run on Christmas Day. It’s the perfect way to kick off the celebration before the fizz starts flowing and the food coma commences.


Boxing Day Dip

For those lucky enough to live near the sea, dare to dive into the great British sea. The Boxing Day dip is a much-loved tradition that will certainly reinvigorate you if you’re feeling sluggish from too much turkey... 



There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air and a nice long stroll to help you digest your Christmas lunch. Stop by the local park, wander past the town's lights or head out to the countryside to clear your head - it’ll make you far less likely to snap at each other over that last celebration too. 


Get the Games Going

Who said you need to leave the house to get active this Christmas? Put your family rivalry to good use with an enthusiastic game of Charades. Or dig out that old Wii Fit to bond with your loved ones over something other than Christmas films.

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