How Do I Know Which Protein is Best For Me? #QoW


How Do I Know Which Protein is Best For Me?

Most importantly, do your homework. Think about your exercise routine, your goals and how to best look after your body. If you have issues with lactose intolerance or follow a vegan diet, then Vegan Protein is going to be for you. If you need extra recovery, Slow Release Protein before bed might be a good idea. If you’re on the go, Whey Protein will give quick delivery of protein to your muscles. 

Make sure to check the ingredients list on the protein you’re considering - if there is a long list of ingredients that you don’t understand, the chances are the protein in question is full of fillers and sugars. If you're a vegan, look out for proteins that include lysine – an essential amino acid you're likely to not be getting enough of in your diet.

Generally, proteins with flavours that sound unhealthy (e.g. cookie dough, cookies and cream, treacle pudding etc) could have unnatural flavourings and thus added chemicals, so be sure to choose wisely!

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