How Lumie's Vitamin L Lamp Can Improve Your Mood And Sleep

As Sleep Month draws to a close here at Neat, we’re partnering up with our friends at Lumie to end with a bang! We chatted to them about their awesome Lumie Vitamin L lamp to see how it could help improve your mood, energy levels, sleep quality and more…  

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Here in the UK, we are at the mercy of some notoriously tragic weather. Many of us feel the effects of the lack of sunshine & seasonal weather changes on our mood and productivity. Which is why the guys at Lumie believe we should all be supplementing with light therapy for optimal health! If you ever feel that you’re more productive during the summer months, as opposed to during the dark days of winter, it could be the lack of bright light and natural daylight that’s to blame!

Why? Humans depend on light; it is a natural stimulant that helps us feel positive, upbeat and full of life. 

It's also an important factor in keeping our circadian rhythm on track so that our daily rhythms (i.e. when we eat and sleep) and mood are aligned. Light therapy is a natural remedy to keep you feeling a little more balanced, especially during more difficult times of the year!

So, what is a Lumie Vitamin L Lamp and how can it help?

The Lumie Vitamin L is a slimline bright light designed for both SAD and general wellbeing, to improve your mood, energy and focus. For optimum mood and energy, we all need light to our eyes as bright as a spring morning on a clear day for around 30 minutes a day and the light must be at least 2,000 lux (the technical measure of brightness). That's roughly four times brighter than a well-lit office! The use of a light therapy lamp (such as Vitamin L) in the office or home environment is one of the best ways to manage our mood and energy levels whatever the season.

You can also try out our vegan Sleep + Relax supplements which are designed to improve sleep quality and help restore calmness.  Our Focus + Energy supplements are a great start to the day after a good night sleep.

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