How to Stay Motivated This Winter

England’s winter is about to be in full swing and our love for running in the sunshine has been replaced by the strong desire to snuggle up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate. The warmth of bed suddenly seems impossible to leave and it’s hard to find the motivation to train when it’s dark and cold outside. We all know we’ll feel better if we get up and do it, but it’s ever so tempting just to have one more snooze!

However, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your health and fitness has to slip. Here are our favourite tips to keep your motivation high this winter…

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Set Yourself a Goal

Set yourself some tough but realistic goals and take some time to plan out how you can achieve them. With a plan in mind and a goal in sight, that training session will become so much less tempting to skip. Run a half marathon, train for a Tough Mudder or add 20kg to your favourite lift. Whatever you pick, now you’ll have something to lose by pressing snooze.

Treat Yourself to Some New Kit

It might sound a little silly, but buying new training gear is a great motivator. When all you have is a drawer full of shorts, it’s always going to be tough to get yourself out the door and into the cold. Buy yourself a running jacket, gloves and thermals or some thicker gym kit. Not only will you be excited to wear your new clothes but you can no longer use the weather as an excuse – now get running!

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Make Your Favourite Comfort Foods Healthy

After arriving home from a long day at work sometimes there is nothing you want more than a big old bowl of comfort food. Find some new, winter recipes and try making some of your favourite dishes from scratch instead of forcing down salads or smoothies. Cook up batches of warming homemade stews and curries to keep you satisfied, and throw in plenty of vegetables to bulk up your meals. Need some inspiration? Nothing says comfort like our recipe for vegan protein butternut squash risotto.

Have Someone to Hold You Accountable

How many times have you laid in bed in the morning, convincing yourself that you can just workout tomorrow instead? Make a commitment to meet a friend at the gym to prevent the temptation to snooze. If this isn’t enough, book into a PT session or a fitness class; not only will you be letting someone down if you bail, but you’ll be wasting your money too. The thought of your bank balance should be enough to get you up and out of bed!

Put Your Clothes on The Radiator

Waking up on a bitterly cold morning feeling snug in the cosiness of your bed, it can be tough to muster the willpower to step out into the cold. Instead of giving it a miss and putting the covers back over your head, remember to put your clothes on the radiator the night before. It’s a simple trick but it will make the thought of getting up that little bit easier.

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Do a Quick Workout at Home

Really can’t stomach the thought of going outside? Instead of skipping your workout, do it at home instead. HIIT workouts using bodyweight exercises such as burpees, squat jumps and mountain climbers will get your blood pumping, warm you up and certainly get you fit without the need to step outside! Set a timer for 20 minutes and get it done so you can collapse back on the sofa feeling smug.

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