How to Take the Perfect Food Photograph

If you're anything like us, you can't help but snap a picture when you've made an epic stack of protein pancakes or you've gone out for an incredible Sunday brunch. Taking photographs of your food might seem like a bizarre trend to some, but it's something we do a lot here at Neat, so we thought we'd celebrate World Photo Day with some of our top tips on getting that perfect Instagram food shot... 

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Good Lighting

Our top food photography tip has to be that lighting is king! Avoid flash and use natural lighting when possible - no more taking a quick snap in your dark, dingy kitchen. We're no strangers to taking plates of food out into the garden, even if it gets us a few weird looks from the neighbours! Out for brunch? Request a table near the window for the perfect set-up. 



Making sure your photo is clear and focused might seem obvious, but there is nothing worse than a blurry photo! Balancing your elbows on a table to steady yourself or using a tripod will help you avoid the effects of shaky hands and will give you a crisp, clear photograph that's going to wow your followers. 



Using different angles and frames can not only make your photograph look more professional, but will also help you to develop your personal style. Go close-up for oozing egg yolks or shoot from above for that classic Instagram flatlay. Take things up a level and rope in your friend or partner to act as your hand model for the perfect 'action shot'. 


Props & Decoration

The props and decoration is very dependant on individual taste, but here at Neat we like to keep things simple. We try to let the food do the talking by using light-coloured backgrounds and bowls, composing the shot with a few raw ingredients or some cutlery when extra dimensions are needed. But when it comes to the food itself, a little bit of mess is definitely not a bad thing. There's nothing more appealing that a drizzle of maple syrup over a stack of pancakes.



When it comes to editing your photograph, try not to go over-board with the filters. There’s nothing worse than a super saturated filter that makes your avocado on toast look radioactive! Make small adjustments to the brightness, temperature and sharpness on photoshop or an app such as VSCO cam to make your photos ready for the ‘gram.

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