Why A Cool Down Is So Important

Finding the time to workout can be a challenge in itself, so it’s unsurprising that when we do make it to the gym, many of us are guilty of cutting our session short. In a bid to get to work or a weekend brunch date on time, a cool down routine often falls down our list of priorities; swapped for a couple of token quad stretches before we hit the showers. But cooling down properly can actually make a huge difference to your recovery and physical performance, so we’re here to tell you why you it’s so important not to skip those stretches… 


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Brings The Body Back To Normal…

Your post-workout recovery helps to bring the body back to a normal state, both mentally and physically. It brings your heart rate back down to a normal level and helps to slow the adrenaline pumping around your body, meaning your mind can relax after a high-intensity workout and you’ll reach the office feeling less flustered, more calm, collected and ready to take on the day!


Prevents Injury

During a hardcore workout your body goes through a fair amount of stress; including tears to your muscle fibres. These tears are what allows your muscles grow as they repair, and a properly performed cool down will assist your body as it goes about this crucial process. This will make sure that you stay injury-free and your muscles rest, recover and grow.


Reduces DOMS

With all that lactic acid that builds up during your run or gym session, you need a good cool down to flush it out. Without this it can accumulate, leaving you with a serious case of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Avoid that ‘just been hit by a bus’ feeling the day after your leg session, by stretching and foam rolling after your session.


Prevents Blood Pooling

Giving yourself time to recover properly after exercise helps return the blood back to your heart rather than allowing it to ‘pool’ in your muscles. When your blood does pool, it’s inability to get back to your heart means your brain will be in oxygen debt, leading to dizziness, fainting and nausea… suddenly that cool down sounds much more appealing!

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