Intermediate workout from Tom Kemp, Farm Fitness

 Last week, we shared a beginner’s workout from Neat Ambassador Tom Kemp. This week, Tom is back with a workout for all those who have been hitting their workouts for a few months and are ready to step things up!

This workout is designed for people who have a level of fitness before they begin (e.g. not a complete beginner).

The sets are simple. Just repeat each exercise for 30 seconds/ 20-30seconds rest before moving onto the next. When you’ve completed the round (all 5 exercises), take a 60-120 second break and then begin again. Aim to complete 4 or 5 rounds. This workout includes plyometics (burpees, squat jumps) – muscles use max force in a short space of time, great for increasing power, speed and strength.

Here’s some top tips from Tom on each move, then watch the video to see how Tom puts these into practice.

In/Out Jump Squats

  • Sit back into a squat keeping chest up shoulders back
  • Jump bringing feet in and out
  • Land softly

Mountain Climbers

  • Hands on the floor with body in strong neutral position
  • Alternate left knee and right knee towards chest
  • Maintain contracted core keeping hips low 


  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Lower hands to floor and jump your feet back
  • Maintain tight core neutral spine avoiding hips dipping
  • Hop your feet back then drive up explosively

High Knees

  • Chest up straight posture
  • Alternate high knee drive up to waistline
  • Drive your Arms

Press ups

  • Hands shoulder width apart
  • Maintain tight core keeping torso straight
  • Keep hands below shoulders
  • Full range of motion