Neat Ambassador’s Favourite Healthy Eateries in London

Gone are the days when finding a spot of lunch in London meant having to indulge in a greasy takeaway meal or a dull supermarket sandwich. Luckily for us fitness fanatics, finding healthy food on the high street has never been easier, and being busy is no longer an excuse for letting your diet slip. Our Neat Nutrition Ambassadors are not only into staying as fit and healthy as they can, but they are also some incredibly busy people – making them the perfect choice to give us the low down on the best healthy eateries in London. Here’s what they had to say:

Tom Kemp

Personal Trainer, Farmer and Owner of Farm Fitness, Tom Kemp:

‘I really like Gyms Kitchen in Leyton, based in East London, they’ve got a perfect balance of healthy but nice and high in protein options.’


Nicole Harrison

Model, Nicole Harrison:

‘While I was back in London, I visited Farmacy in Westbourne Grove. The food was delicious! There are always new places opening up and I think Australians are slowly taking over the breakfast scene too!’


Korin Nolan

Founder of Power Pilates UK and Online Fitness Plan “The Baby Body Bootcamp”, Korin Nolan:

‘I find that I can eat well in most restaurants as I know the healthy options to pick on the menu. If I’m on the go I love POD or Leon.’


Louis Rennocks

PT, Barry’s Trainer and Boxxfiit Founder, Louis Rennocks:



Olivia Cooney

Founder of Pop-Up Fitness Retreats, Olivia Cooney:

‘I went to Farm Girl recently and I loved that!’


Bart Van Maanen

Co-founder Pop-Up Fitness Retreats, Bart Van Maanen:

‘I like the Good Life Eatery when I’m in town for their kale salad and a peanut butter cup!’


Guy Sherwin 

Management Consultant, Guy Sherwin:

‘Hmm, perhaps not the answer you’re looking for, but nothing beats a steak at Pitt Cue after a BIG workout!’