Is Taking A Protein Shake Better Than Eating Whole Foods?

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A balanced diet is the best diet, and protein shakes are called ‘supplements’ for a reason – they're meant to support the rest of your diet. You should always aim to have several proper meals per day (whatever works for you, whether that’s 2-3 bigger meals or 5 smaller ones) and aim to include as many nutrients as possible to give your body what it needs. This is especially important if you’re living a very active lifestyle, as your body needs fuel to keep your energy levels and concentration high. 

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Having said that, we understand that the busy pace of modern life makes this a little more complicated than it sounds. Busy workdays, commuting and late nights don’t always allow for three healthy meals to happen... if they even happen at all! A protein shake made with a good quality protein powder will give you more energy and nutrients than grabbing a croissant or a pack of biscuits as you rush from meeting to meeting. Sometimes, you have to be as healthy as circumstance allows you to be.

If you have time to throw a handful of fruit and veggies in with your shake to drink on the go, even better! This can be a great, energy-boosting alternative to sitting down and having breakfast if you're always short on time. 

A protein shake is also generally lower in fat and digests quickly which is why it’s commonly taken as a post-workout shake. Your muscles need protein to repair and therefore grow after exercise, so a quick shake is a great way to refuel your muscles as quickly as possible.

Another reason a supplement may be the way to go is if you follow a vegan diet. You may not get enough protein from your meals (unless you eat a lot of beans and lentils), so a supplement can be helpful. There are twenty amino acids that your body needs to function; eleven of these are made by your body while nine come from food sources and as such are known as ‘essential’ amino acids, e.g. it’s essential for your diet to contain them. 

Vegan diets can also be low in lysine. Lysine helps with building muscle, injury recovery, production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies. This is why we make our Vegan Protein with a mixture of hemp & pea; because pea proteins or blends are high in lysine and will make sure you’re getting all your essential amino acids.

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