CBD: The Benefits

Once only associated with hippies with dreadlocks smoking something they shouldn’t, cannabis is the hot new trend taking the wellness industry by storm. CBD is derived from Cannabis, however, only contains trace amounts of THC - the compound that gets you high – and is a natural substance said to ease anxiety, pain and insomnia

Suddenly CBD has hit the mainstream, and you can now get it dripped into your coffee, added to your post workout smoothie or even your Friday night cocktail. But of course, not all CBD is created equal, and as with many alternative therapies, it won’t work for every individual. Curious to give it a try? Here’s some of the benefits you may find…

CBD Oil: The Benefits | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.  

Anxiety & Stress

Despite cannabis being known to increase paranoia and anxiety thanks to the THC it contains, CBD has consistently shown to lessen the above in both animal and human studies. There’s mounting evidence that a high-quality hemp extract reduces the amount of stress hormones (aka cortisol) in the body. Brain scans have even shown changes in blood flow to the regions of the brain linked to feelings of anxiety in participants taking CBD.



There is some conflicting evidence on the impact of CBD on sleep and sleep quality, so more research is needed, but it has been said to be useful for many who suffer with sleep disorders or generally poor-quality sleep. In small doses, it’s thought to help keep your circadian rhythm consistent, reducing daytime fatigue. It’s likely that many of these improvements are actually due to the effect CBD has on the root cause of their sleep issues – which is often anxiety and stress.


Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Relief

One of the biggest touted benefits of CBD is its impact on inflammation and pain. Studies have shown that using this topically for conditions such as arthritis can quickly reduce inflammation and pain experienced, without side effects.

CBD Smoothie Recipe | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.

Unsure how to start incorporating CBD into your daily routine? Let’s face it, it doesn’t taste great, so we’ve done what we do best – we’ve added it to a tasty protein smoothie recipe instead!

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