Making A Protein Shake Work For Your Goals

One of our favourite things about protein powder? It’s impressive versatility. It’s easy to make it work for you and your needs, whether you’re looking for the easiest post-workout refuel, want to curb your afternoon sweet tooth or are packing on some serious muscle. How do you make it work for you and your goals? Here’s our guide to switching up your shake:

Making a Protein Shake Work for You | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.


For the easiest refuel on-the-go

For the busy person on the go, refuelling post-workout doesn’t get much easier, quicker or faster absorbing than protein powder + water. Pop a sachet of whey protein & a Neat shaker in your bag or suitcase and all you'll need to do is shake it up when needed. Now just let those hard-earned muscles do the work - job done.


For dairy-free recovery

Dairy-free? We’ve got you covered. A sachet chocolate or vanilla vegan protein with water, oat or nut milk should be your go-to snack or refuel. We make our vegan blend with hemp and pea protein, making sure your body is getting all the essential amino acids it needs to recover well.


For the mid-afternoon sweet snacker

It’s 3pm, your stomach is growling, and chocolate is the only thing on your mind. To help you regain your focus through the afternoon, grab a chocolate whey or vegan protein shake. Mix with hazelnut or almond milk for a sweeter taste, or even blend it up with half a frozen banana for something a little more satiating.


For the muscle gainer

For those looking to gain muscle, the crucial bit is making sure you’re a calorie surplus – which is where a cleverly designed protein shake can help! With the right ingredients, the usually low-calorie shake can become an easy way to get drink some extra calories without feeling too full. Blend up protein powder, full fat milk, a large tbsp of peanut butter, frozen banana and oats to get some serious bang for your buck!


For a pre-bed stomach filler

Trying to sleep when you’re hungry is no easy feat. So, make sure your body has everything it needs before you hit the sack by shaking up a sachet of whey protein and 400ml cow’s milk. This means you’ll get the benefits of both whey and casein protein, the latter of which is known to be slower releasing, so it’ll drip-feed your muscles overnight. With that sorted, you can sleep like a baby!


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