Your Winter Running Essentials

Although we don't know whether the Spring races will go ahead in 2021, we know that some of you will still be out there hitting the ground running every week. For those who are finding those training miles pretty tough going as the temperatures have dropped, we’re here to make things easier with our winter running essentials. It’s got everything you need to maximise your comfort... and your results!


Thermal Layers

This one’s pretty self-explanatory: your comfort and warmth is essential for pushing through longer runs whilst maintaining (or improving!) your usual performance. If your body is cold it isn’t going to work at its best, so invest in some quality base layers to avoid slowing down.


Compression Leggings

As well as being much warmer than your thin pair of summer running leggings, compression leggings are also designed to increase blood flow to your legs, said to improve performance (and shorten recovery time too when used post-workout). Good compression kit will also include properties to reduce sweat pooling and keep you warm, whilst still allowing you to move freely. So, you can increase your stride, boost your performance and stay warm, all thanks to one piece of kit – smart.

Need some inspiration? Head over to lululemon UK for the best kit in the game.

High Viz

We’re sorry to sound like your Mum, but running essentials in winter aren’t all about layering up – safety comes first! It’s worth investing in some high visibility gear to make sure you can be seen by any oncoming traffic. That doesn’t necessarily mean dressing like a traffic cone though – just make sure your kit has plenty of reflective panels to improve your visibility.


Head Torch

If you’ve managed to stick to your early morning or post-work training runs despite the darkness, we’re seriously impressed. However, similarly to the above, you also need to make sure you can actually see where you’re going if you’re running away the city streets.

No-one has time for agitating headgear, so find the perfect fit from this Runner’s World’s round-up. 



Ice-cold hands are no fun for anyone… but neither is sweaty palms and foul-smelling mits. Get yourself a pair of proper running gloves made from a warm, but breathable material to help ease the pain of running during winter. 


Post-Workout Refuel

Whatever the time of year, refuelling is essential. Maximise your hard work and reap the rewards by choosing smart post-workout nutrition. Mix up a Whey Protein shake so you can recover optimally whilst commuting to work – job done.

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