4 Healthy Back To School Lunchbox Ideas Kids Will Love

Our friends at Mindful Chef are here to help you banish boring sandwiches for good with these healthy back-to-school lunchbox ideas. The best bit? They don’t require any manic morning prep!


Pip and Nut Healthy Snacks: Lunchbox Ideas | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Swap the snacks

Ditch the packets of crisps and give your kids healthy, tasty snacks instead! There are loads of healthy grab & go options out there now that the kids will love. We love Emily's Crisps pineapple crisps or Pip & Nut peanut butter sachets, perfect with apple slices or oatcakes.


Turn roasted veggies into a tasty lunch

Meal prep can seem intimidating, but luckily it doesn’t have to be a day-long logistical nightmare. For a healthy make-ahead meal, simply roast a big batch of everyone’s favourite vegetables. Pop them in the fridge along with some cooked quinoa, and there you have it – healthy lunches that’ll last all week. Check out some more great meal prep hacks at Gimme Delicious.


Think outside the box with a bento lunch

Stuck for lunch inspiration? Think outside the box with the help of a bento. These Japanese-inspired lunch boxes keep food items separate, making it easy to include a colourful range of healthy goodies that your little one will actually want to eat. For some gluten-free bento ideas, check out these tasty lunch ideas from The Nourishing Gourmet.


Make fresh fruit fun

If your child has a habit of returning their fruit untouched, it might be time to shake things up. Using a cookie cutter to prepare fruits like apples, pears and bananas slices into is a surefire way of making them more appetising – just make sure you brush them with a little lemon juice to keep them fresh. Or for a special treat, why not try dipping tangerine slices in melted dark chocolate. Find the recipe at BBC Good Food.


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