Mindful Mondays: Hello Present Moment

'Practice' is an essential word in mindfulness, and in any form of mental training. It implies repetition, as well as a daily way of being. It's very apt, as you can only change your mindset by doing an exercise regularly - just like how we make changes to our physical bodies.


Present Moment: Mindfulness | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Curious about mindfulness and the many proven wellbeing benefits? Try this quick exercise that you can do anywhere - on your commute, at your desk on on your lunch break; you could even use your Neat shake! Sit down today and choose a small object in front of you. Look closely at the object and choose to give yourself 3 minutes of mindful practice. Here's how:

  • Focus on your sensations and mentally describe the object in a neutral way, with stillness and focus.
  • Spend a few minutes noticing when your mind wanders (a lot!) and bring it back to the object, gently training your mind
  • Breathe through any distractions
  • Look back at what you have just experienced 
  • Say hello to the present moment and commit to this daily practice the next time you take a drink or sit down to eat.


Stepping out of autopilot like this and bringing more awareness to our day helps us on the journey to: 

  • Being more attentive and self aware
  • Noticing our moods and choosing to let go
  • Having better memory, mental stamina and concentration
  • Reducing anxiety and finding freedom away from habits


Remember, no judgement! It can actually be really hard to NOT start thinking about what's next or analysing your experience. Instead, perhaps start a journal to track your journey into modern mindfulness and your daily practices.


This blog was written by Neat Ambassador Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, The Mindcoach. Find her online at mindtonictherapy.com or on Instagram and Twitter. 

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