Mindful Mondays: World Kindness Day

How often do you pause in your hyper speed, hectic life to offer kindness to someone else? 

TODAY is the BEST DAY to bring that intention to fruition: It's World Kindness Day! First celebrated in 1998, this day has been celebrated on November 13th every year since, with a mission to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world. 

Kindness: Mindfulness | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Mindful & Kind Thoughts 

Our connections with others, provide us with a major source of happiness. A large part of this from the act of GIVING – not just our warmth and kinship but also when needed our practical compassion and simple acts of kindness. 


Kind-ful Hacks: 

Be open minded - let go of your stress, and let go of exhausting inner battles, negative thoughts & needy emotions 

Just listen - ask someone how they actually are … and really listen

Make a commitment to help the community this week in some Neat way - let's help sprinkle that kindness around!


To celebrate World Kindness Day, Neat Ambassador Natalie (Mental Wealth Maven, London Supercoach & Clinical Hypnotherapist at MINDTONICTHERAPY.com) is gifting you all with a chance to WIN a Skype Hypnotherapy or Mindcoaching Session with her.

To enter: tag us on Instagram and tell us your BEST ACTS Of KINDFULNESS this week and the winner will be drawn and announced on Friday - good luck! 

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