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Neat Ambassador, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, runs a sleep & hypnotherapy clinic at Mind Tonic Therapy, using the latest neuroscience from the Geneva Sleep Lab and hypnotherapy to support sleep and wellbeing. 

We were lucky enough to have her join us at lululemon's Sweatlife Festival this weekend to run a pop-up sleep clinic, where she gave lots of you guys some incredible sleep advice. Didn't manage to make it? Don't worry! Natalie has shared some of her expert insight from the weekend to help you get a better night's sleep...  


Sleep 2.0 | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Sleep is the single biggest influence on our mood, motivation and mindset.

It can be viewed as an inconvenience for some – like city lawyers and traders, getting by on just four hours - and for others - like entrepreneurs and the global citizens partying on jet lag - it was once deemed cool to brag that you only needed 3 hours sleep.

Many of us abuse our sleep to live, work and play harder. Recent sleep science research has linked continued poor and disrupted sleep with a higher risk of developing dementia and serious mental health issues; if left unchecked. This is only the latest in a line of studies that have highlighted the serious health benefits of a good night's shut-eye. Getting a healthy dose of ZZZ's every day is MORE important than we ever realised.

Sleep problems affect 1 in 3 of us at any one time, and about 10% of the population on a chronic basis. Problems getting to sleep will be familiar to most of us at one point or another – lying there, staring at the ceiling, just willing your eyes to shut whilst the clock ticks around. How many of you hit the sheets and toss and turn for hours before you dose off?

So listen up if you care about your wellness! We all strive to live and sleep for ultimate wellbeing BUT how do we actually do this? It’s not about getting more sleep; it’s about improving the quality of your sleep. 


Quality of Sleep is Key and so is Waking up 'Clean' (Not Mid-Sleep Cycle)

The full sleep cycle is 90 minutes and the restorative wellbeing magic is the REM mid way through the sleep cycle (A full 90-minute cycle is the magic!)


Beware of the Blue Light!

Artificial lighting and the use of computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices at night are one of the biggest causes of sleep problems. Having worked with athletes for many years now, I have seen first-hand how this is a growing problem, especially with younger athletes. Electronic devices emit blue light, which is important during day as it blocks melatonin (sleep hormone) and keeps you awake, however at night this obviously isn’t a good thing. 

Apart from preventing sleep, suppression of melatonin at night has been linked with health problems such as cancer, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and mental health disorders.


Owl or Lark?

Something you need to know when creating a sleep profile is whether or not you’re a 'Lark' or if you are an 'Owl'. Up at the crack of dawn? Wide awake and raring to go? Or are you still up and about, getting things done long after midnight? Knowing this will help you establish how to best schedule your day for wellbeing… Lark or owl?


Power of the Mind

Habit is a powerful thing – especially when it comes to sleep. The best evidence suggests that having a stable, consistent sleep schedule, by going to bed each night and getting up each morning at the same time 7 days a week, is effective at producing satisfying, efficient sleep.


Amplify your Pre-sleep with Hypnotherapy

Listen to sleep motivation hypnotherapy and or do a full body scan – releasing any tension and stress with powerful deep breath and close down the tabs in your mind! Aim for 5-6 full sleep cycles (90 min) for wellbeing quality sleep.


Occasionally Wake-up? Try This Elite Hack:

Focus on your breath, make it slow, with purpose, and concentrate on 6 things in your mind: 3 things you can hear + 3 things you can feel. You are in control of your thoughts, just NOTICE, stay calm and don’t plan or stress. 

Sleep Debt; you can credit your wellbeing in the daytime with a key recovery period. No time to nap? A 10 minute mindful moment or 'mind-holiday' has been proven to be as effective as a full sleep cycle.  


This blog was written by Neat Ambassador Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, The Mindcoach. Find her online at or on Instagram and Twitter. 

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