Our Top 10 Zero Waste Hacks

Who doesn’t love a good hack? We’re all for doing our bit and generally trying to be better humans, but if someone’s going to tell us a way to make doing that a little bit easier, we’re here for it! So, without further adieu, here’s our top hacks for getting on board with the plastic-free hype and trying to reduce your waste…

Our Top 10 Zero Waste Hacks | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.

Prep Your Bag

As the old, and annoying, cliché goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Foolproof your bag with everything you’ll need to reduce your waste throughout the day. A foldable tote bag for any unexpected shopping trips, some reusable cutlery, some snacks in a reusable pot, and even a small keep cup if that’s your jam. 


Give Sad Fruits & Veggies Some Love

Got some peaches that are looking a bit bruised or a sad old broccoli hanging out at the back of the fridge? When in doubt, stew it up! Doing this to old fruits or veggies will give them a new lease of life, and with a good bit of seasoning can be a seriously tasty way to increase their lifespan. If you won't be able to eat it straight away, don’t panic – throw it in the freezer (or even in an ice cube tray) for the ultimate mid-week meal convenience.


Embrace Minimalism

Clutter is so 2017 - embrace those simple, minimalist, Scandinavian vibes when it comes to decorating, to keep yourself from going too mad on candles, décor, and all those other tempting things you really don’t need. It'll give you a greater sense of calm as well as creating less unnecessary waste! 


Learn to Sew

There’s nothing bad about taking up a new hobby to accompany your Sunday afternoon Netflix binge! Get yourself a little sewing kit to fix any holes or missing buttons, instead of just going out and buying something new. Patch an old jacket with some fun patterned materials and you’ll have yourself a brand-new outfit.


Go Online

We’re the internet era after all, and although an actual magazine is nice and nostalgic every now and again, swapping your subscriptions for online reading is a great no-waste win. Plus, there’s no drama when Royal Mail gets your address wrong or has its usual Christmas post hold up.


Make Leftovers Fun

You know those small bits of dinner that don’t seem worth saving? Save them in the fridge in little dishes and pull them out on a dedicated leftovers night. Create a fancy buffet plate from them all and add a couple of nice garnishes or dips to spice things up – what’s not to love? 


Double Up

Double up on your favourite re-useable items. Whether that’s a great water bottle, your bamboo toothbrush or the perfect-sized coffee cup, buy more than one to prevent being caught out. Leave 1 at work, 1 at home and even one at your partner’s house.


Lidl – Wonky Veg

Perfection is boring, right? Head to Lidl for one of their new “too good to waste” veg boxes. They're just £1.50 for 5kg of imperfect or slightly damaged fruits and veggies, and anything that isn’t sold will be donated to charity.


Dine In, Not Out

By eating in restaurants rather than taking away, you’ll eat more mindfully and get to spend more quality time with those you care about as well as avoiding any unnecessary packaging. There's no need to worry about forgetting your many reusable tubs and cups either!


Hit the Shops

Who said shopping has to be so bad? Take advantage of the many awesome brands trying to do some good for the environment. Treat yourself to some Adidas Parley trainers or a Johnny Urban backpack made from recycled bottles, try out Method’s eco-friendly cleaning products or even buy yourself some juice pulp granola at Nibs etc for next week's afternoon snacks...


And remember, when in doubt, Google always has the answer! Use the internet to your advantage - it's your best friend for any waste-free tips and tricks.

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