Sourdough September: Where to Find the Best in London

As terribly basic as it may be, there’s nothing that quite beats a good slice of toasted sourdough in the morning… apart from maybe if it’s covered in smashed avo! It’s comforting, totally delicious, and is packed full of fermented-goodness to please your gut bugs. So, to celebrate Sourdough September starting tomorrow, we’ve rounded up some of the best places in London to grab yourself a slice or two…

Sourdough September | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.  

Gail’s Bakery

If you want a fail-safe spot for cracking sourdough, you can always rely on Gail’s bakery. Consistent, but attentive in their bread-making, they even do a chocolate sourdough for any sweet-toothed breakfasters.


Flour to the People

This quaint, family-run café in Battersea is all about fresh, locally sourced ingredients and honest but tasty food. Whether you’re there for a slice alongside your brunch plate or a homemade sourdough pizza, we can promise you that you’ll be in for a treat!


The Dusty Knuckle

Planning to whip up something a little special at home? Head to Marylebone Farmers Market on a Sunday to grab a loaf of sourdough from The Dusty Knuckle. Their bread has a great reputation, so you’re likely to queue, but boy will it be worth it! The best bit? They work with juvenile offenders & long-term unemployed to help them become financially independent. Brunch with a social conscious – yes, please!


Beyond Bread

Allergic to gluten? We’ve got your back. Beyond Bread Bakery in Islington is an awesome spot that creates a range of naturally gluten-free treats. Their brunch menu is epic & their sourdough bread – that is both yeast and gluten-free – is an absolute delight, whether you’re sensitive to wheat or not. 


Little Bread Peddler, Bermondsey

The naturally leavened sourdough from Little Bread Peddler is worth queuing for on a Saturday morning, rain or shine. We recommend picking up a croissant whilst you’re there; it’s a weekend after all.



We first came to love this Scandinavian bakery chain whilst travelling in Stockholm, and we couldn’t be happier that we can still enjoy a little 'Fika' back in London. Of course, our favourite from their menu has to be their Kannelbuller (traditional Swedish cinnamon buns), but they also do wonderful handmade, baguettes and sourdough too. Their minimalist, Scandi aesthetics only adds to the joyful experience.


E5 Bakery, Hackney

Named as one of the best bakeries in London, this independent spot in Hackney has its own stone mill and uses local grains and high-quality ingredients – showing their passion for the lost traditions of baking. Order their Hackney Wild bread with a range of tasty toast toppers – that’s what we call waking up well! 

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