Positive Things to Give up This Lent 

This Lent, instead of giving up chocolate, wine, or anything else that you enjoy indulging in, how about getting in a healthier mindset and giving up some of these negative habits instead?


Things To Give Up This Lent | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Snoozing Your Alarm Clock

It does nobody any favours when you take eight attempts to wake up in the morning, so why not give up the snooze button and try waking up in a different way? Snoozing your alarm just means you’re ‘getting up’ earlier and trying to snatch broken sleep in the minutes between waking and rising. You’re far better off giving yourself the extra 20 minutes of proper sleep and getting straight up. Plus, whoever is sharing your bed will thank you for it!


Being Unkind to Yourself

You would never think or say the things you feel about yourself to one of your friends, so why do it to yourself? Spend the month treating yourself like you would a loved one – no negative comments or frustration. Focus on the great things and celebrate your brilliance!


Saying ‘Maybe One Day’

Why not try and actively go after that thing you’ve always wanted to do, learn or visit? Always wanted to learn guitar but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Find a teacher and have your first lesson. Always wanted to visit Paris? Research your trip online and start saving. ‘One day’ could be today!


Trying to be Perfect

Real talk: no one can work a full time job, enjoy an active social life, travel the world, always look great, exercise five times a week and curate an excellent social media presence. It’s just not possible. So why not give up trying to be perfect and instead embrace the real you. Sometimes, its okay to wear sweatpants all day. 


Putting Yourself Last

It’s okay to say no to things if it means you’re less stressed or have more time to do the things that make you happy. We’re not idealists, of course there are some things you have to just show up for (no, you can’t just not show up for that work thing because you didn’t feel like it!); but be mindful not to sacrifice all your own time for others. Jim can probably live without you meeting him for drinks after work if you’ve had a rough day. 

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