Product Spotlight: Vanilla Slow Release Protein

Our popular Whey and Vegan Proteins usually steal the spotlight, but Slow Release Protein can also be a great tool for fuelling your training and healthy lifestyle. Find out all about how it’s made, what it’s benefits are and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle:

Slow Release Vanilla Protein | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense. 

How It’s Made

Also known as Casein, Slow Release protein sort of does exactly what it says on the tin (or in our case, brown kraft bag). It releases slowly to feed your muscles over time, which is why it’s perfect for before bed to help your muscles recover while you’re sleeping. It’s also good if you know you’re going to have a long break between meals and want something to keep you feeling fuller.


Why is Slow Release different from Whey? 

It’s all in the science! Neat Nutrition uses milk to produce our dairy based proteins. Cow’s milk protein breaks down into around 20% Whey and 80% Casesin. Once the milk has been collected, it’s separated into curds and whey. Whey is what’s used to make our whey protein, while the curds are used for our Slow Release (and other dairy items like cheese). 

Casein is the solid protein in milk. It has a unique structure, which gives it a reputation as a binding agent. In the case of your body’s reaction to it, when casein reacts with your stomach acid, it forms a gel. This substance takes longer to break down, meaning a more efficient release of those all-important amino acids


Should Casein and Whey proteins be used exclusively? 

Not necessarily. We always say, find a balance that suits you. It’s okay to mix your Whey and Slow Release proteins (we mean literally, as in, mix them both in a shake) if you want to. Alternatively, take your Whey for an after gym recovery and your Slow Release before bed – whatever works for you. We’ve seen some amazing recipes using our Slow Release protein on Instagram so share your tips below!


How It Can Benefit Your Lifestyle

  • Great for marathon training / long distance or endurance athletes
  • Good before bed to keep you fuelled 
  • Good before you won’t be able to eat for a while / to keep you full till lunchtime


Recipes To Make With It

Popcorn Protein Pancakes 

Popcorn Protein Pancakes Recipe | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.

There's not much that's more appetising for breakfast than a pancake stack, and this one's pretty darn appetising. The basic recipe is below, using both whey and slow release proteins and then it's up to you on toppings and sauces! This one has popcorn n for an added crunch... Find the recipe, here.


Cranberry Orange Protein Loaf

Cranberry and Orange Protein Loaf Recipe | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.

This recipe is a delicious low carb, high protein treat that's a highly addictive! You can have a slice for breakfast, as a snack or as a tasty pudding. Find the recipe, here.

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