Reasons to Exercise That Aren’t About Looks

As much as we might all love the idea of having 6 pack abs and a killer body, sometimes when that early morning alarm goes off, it just isn’t tempting enough to resist snoozing in bed. Let’s face it, when it’s cold outside and you’re wrapped up in a hundred layers, the idea of working out to have a toned body under there isn’t the greatest motivator. So many people give up their healthy habits, only to lose out on the other amazing benefits that exercise can give you. Being a true athlete is about so much more than what you weigh, so to help you focus on how good it makes you feel, we’re sharing our favourite reasons to exercise that aren’t about your looks.

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Get Stronger and Fitter

There is nothing worse than running for the bus or struggling with a heavy suitcase, feeling embarrassingly exhausted after such a simple task. Forget about your looks and workout to know that you are fit, functional and strong. You’ll feel an incredible sense of empowerment when you realise how capable you are of handling anything that life throws your way, be that a zombie apocalypse or just walking up the escalator in a hurry!

Stress Relief 

There is no denying that exercise is truly one of the best remedies for a stressful day. So when life gets a bit overwhelming, lace up those trainers and sweat it out. By focusing on moving your body you’ll finally be able to escape from your worries and you’ll come home feeling so much more calm and composed.

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Increase Productivity 

A date with the gym might seem like a waste of time during a busy day, however a quick sweat session could actually boost your productivity for the rest of the afternoon. Next time you’re feeling restless and struggling to concentrate, bust out a quick workout in your lunch break and you’ll be back at your desk powering through that mounting to-do list in no time.


There’s a reason that they call it the ‘runner’s high’, as the feeling after a tough workout is like nothing else. Push yourself to your max to experience that addictive endorphin rush, it’ll be the ultimate pick me up when you’re feeling low. Next time your motivation is waning, think about how great you’ll feel after you’ve finished a workout and suddenly that trip to the gym won’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

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Mental Gains

Exercise might be well known for the benefits it gives your body, but it can also be incredible at improving your mental strength too. Your body is only as strong as your mind believes it is, and you’ll be amazed at how far you can get from adopting a positive attitude. Learn how to push yourself further than your comfort zones and you’ll feel on top of the world when you’ve surpassed your goals. Don’t be surprised if realising how strong you really are starts to benefit other areas of your life too.

Improve Other Healthy Habits

Have you ever noticed that squeezing in that early morning training session often makes it easier to stick to other healthy habits during the day? Not wanting to undo our hard work, our efforts at eating nutritious foods or drinking less booze can seem so much easier after we’ve been to the gym. Get your workout in first thing and suddenly the rest of your day will seem like a breeze.

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It’s Fun!

It might be good for your health, but how about exercising just for fun? There is so much to be said for working out just because you genuinely enjoy moving your body. Be it boxing, dancing, joining a local sports team or whatever it is that you enjoy the most, exercise doesn’t have to be a chore when you’re spending an hour doing something you love.


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